Uztravel Silk Road

Founded in 2002 Uztravel Silk Road is Tourism Brand managed by “AVRUD” LLC Group of Companies, based in Tashkent.
The company was founded by professional and experienced team working in industry for over 20 years, internationally recognized.
Uztravel Silk Road specializes in organization of tours and travel services in Central Asia – “Stans” for FIT, Groups, Incentives, VIP guests, organizes events, weddings, pilgrimage tours.

Central Asia is the Heart of The Silk Road, a place of mysterious legends and incredible Islamic architecture, hospitable people and culture with an ancient history. Today in Central Asia we can observe what history left us as a big treasure: architecture, decoration, language, crafts, culture, arts, and religion.

For year passed we became respected and welcomed Tour Operator in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, cooperating with partners from different continents of the world. Our reputation is a result of a hard work based on our knowledge, experience and customer feedback. We put all our efforts on supporting customer care services, and customer-oriented policies in our daily work and experience.

We offer 24 X 7 hours services that include travel planning, itinerary design, hotel bookings, ticket reservations and transport facilities.
We do our best making sure that tourist enjoyed their holidays taking with them a piece of warmth and hospitality from our region.

The prime motto of our business is Customer Satisfaction achieved by qualified and time to time service. We strive to give the ultimate satisfaction and luxury depending upon the traveller’s need.
Uztravel Silk Road’s vision is to be your reliable partner in Central Asia in every respect: guaranteed solutions for the requests, exceeding the expectations of clients, financial transparency and forming genuine friendship.