Beyond the concept of representation

Our philosophy for representation (cambiar por concepto para no repetir con consultoría: Our concept of representation) is based on a careful selection of DMCs, which are capable of providing high quality services, either for leisure segment or incentives; and absolute involvement, we are part of the team, other link in the chain, involving ourselves.

Our work with the represented brands focus on following points:
Continuous market research which help to define the product, sales & marketing strategies. It includes competitors analysis, also the actual and potential customers; it allow us to establish personalized growth strategies.
Consulting about product adaptation and its focusing by market/customer or business line
Promoting the represented brand and destinations
Follow up of proposals and constant contact with the customers, also the appropriate sales calls
Specific product and destinations trainning for customers, to the sales and commercial teams.
Training for suppliers to understand the Spanish market needs and peculiarities for both general area and particular level for customer.

Organization and attendance of fairs, special events such as workshops, roadshows, fam trips, etc…